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Gretchen Burgholzer

You are worthy to create the world you desire 

Join me and all the visionaries who are designing their brand through our intuition

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Are you obsessed with the idea of living a life on your terms?

Itching to take the leap but something is holding you back?

Take this advice from a 23 year old who felt the same way. Leap before you look. With your energy and a little branding magic, your dream life is a few strategy sessions away.  

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I'm Gretchen, an intuitive branding coach who helps creatives embody and master their most compelling and true elements so they can live the life they desire! 

I believe that every dreamer has a story. One that the world doesn't know it needed. One that is LIGHTNING in a bottle. Your business deserves to be heard. And its time for you to give it this power. I was you, confused, frustrated, uncomfortable, and traveling on a journey with no set plan.

Fortunately a lot has changed. I dedicate my time to offering systems and tools that personally helped me and many others achieve their highest visions. 

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What's your expert status?

Yeah, those things you are just too damn good at.

Remember: every fiber of your being was designed with purpose. 

The way you think, communicate ideas, and express yourself- its a unique and electric combination no one else has.

Understand how rare you are. The world needs you to show up. To lead them into something new. That vision is in you for a reason.   

You don't just see the present moment. But what could be. And thats a gift. 

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Do you feel like you lose momentum

Are you feeling bogged down and frustrated at how you have been showing up for yourself? Do you find yourself spending way to much time explaining you/your biz, and talking about your values is flat out awkward. Or worse, you aren't the main character in your own damn movie yet. The result, a fabricated brand masking the shiny energy of a human you are.

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What would it look like if it were easy?

I work directly with you to transform the misalignment and chaos into clarity and confidence.

Bringing to life the most compelling and true elements of your purpose so you can start turning passion into profits. 

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I deeply understand my clients frustrations and pain points because I have gone through my own branding transformations for and by myself. The personal before/after is a cool story within itself. Seriously.

Yeah, my title is branding coach, but my work is so much more than that. I help clients rediscover, define, and distill their wildest branding dreams and illuminate their unique path to finding, owning, and living them. With a blend of energy, mindset, and strategy work you are equipped with the tools to create your own reality. 

Are you ready for that next-level transformation?

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How I can help you

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