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Gretchen Burgholzer

About Me: Welcome

Who am I?

Intuitive Branding Coach for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

I am a daughter, sister, friend, witch, business owner, and mentor. I am a self development junkie, health nut, and woo strategist who enjoys my kitties (Apollo and Aphrodite), the outdoors, and funky fun facts. But most of all, I am passionate about helping creatives and entrepreneurs understand the alchemy of their brand and working with it to fully embody their highest self and create that purpose driven profitable brand they always envisioned. 

I found my passion for branding in my very first marketing class in high school. We learned one quick fact, that Louis Vuitton was able to sell bags between $1,500-$40.000 that cost them $200-$400. WHAT. The shear power and capabilities of a strong brand can LITERALLY influence a society. THATS INSANE. Why is it we love the brands we do? Is it how they treat the environment? Employees? What they represent? A lifestyle?

Well, the answer is going to be specific to each individual and their unique perspective of this world. But, what is your perspective? What do you believe in and why do you believe that? That's the basis for your brand.

Through countless side gigs in college designing logos, positioning strategies, and storytelling I landed my first job as a Marketing Intern at a local biotech incubator. During my time I experienced immense growth in myself and the company! I adored going into work and knowing I am apart of something way bigger than me. Something that can impact lives. But I always had that little voice, pulling me in a new direction. I am here to for a bigger purpose, to serve courageous free spirits by understanding and creating their vision into the purpose driven profitable brand they always dreamed of.

One last thing... my favorite affirmation right now! "If it makes you happy it does not have to make sense to anyone else." 

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