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How this is all going to work :)

Consciously Creative Solutions



We all got it. But how do you use yours?

What is it that makes you, YOU? 

This is the starting point. The world may only meet you as deeply as you met yourself. Master what matters, you. 

Over the course of a few months you will learn how to be the main character of your story. The destination? Ultimate freedom in designing a business that works for you. I know you did not leave that soul sucking 9-5 to create a soul sucking business. So we are starting at the very essence of your being, ikigai.  


How does that voice in your head treat you?

You do realize no one is coming to save you. That you are the creator of your own good feelings.

The cold truth, what you are not changing you are choosing. Choose growth. Choose the version of you that receives everything you desire.  

Here we are. In the thick of it. But, why? 

To learn. To understand how we think and use it as our secret weapon. Your thoughts hold the power to execute. To stay on track. Your the main character in your story, and i'm not talking to that little voice in your head.



Do you believe in magic?

No, not mine. Yours. You are always doing magic. As you shift internally the external world responds. Have you not noticed when a row of good events that string together seamlessly into your business? No? Ahh they are coming with the right approach good soul.  

One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in, and know where you want to go. From this place you will know how to connect. What works for you.

Most importantly, how the heck you are going to do it. 

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Let Me Break It Down For You

Since you are here I am going to make a quick assumption you are into energy work. Yes? Well, GIRL do I have some great news for you. I tend to approach things slightly different when it comes to business. Combining logic and magic, I view businesses as their own energetic beings simplified into the 7 chakra's. I see clear connections to their functions in life and their functions in business. As the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakra connect inward to the foundations and structures of the business. The Heart and Throat relate to the expression of your business, the third eye connects to your business alignment, and the Crown to the transformation of your business.

Services: Clients
Client 5

Root Chakra

Foundation + Structure

  • Clarity on purpose (why)

  • Mission & Vision

  • Core Values 

  • Goals 

  • Define outcomes ideal client gets from you ( Sell Transformation)

Client 6

Sacral Chakra

Foundation + Structure

  • Emotional connection (myers-briggs)

  • Personality Archetypes

  • Creativity Exercises for inspiration

  • Where are you focusing your energy in your biz? Is it scattered?

Client 4

Solar Plexus Chakra

Foundation + Structure

Uproot limiting beliefs 
What are you an expert in, what mountains have you overcame
This is what you can do for them 
High vibe tools + techniques

Client 1

Heart Chakra


  • Connect to core messaging/USP 

  • Differentiation- inner purpose

  • Self-love practices, ex: setting boundaries in biz

Ideal client persona/ what they need from you

Client 5

Throat Chakra

  • Brand voice + personality 

  • Message positioning

  • Mood board

  • Release the knowledge gathering trap and allow your own message, voice, and personality shape what you do

Client 6

Third Eye Chakra

  • Brand Story

  • Aesthetic

  • Business exercises for inner guidance

  • Set client desires + pain points

Client 4

Crown Chakra

  • Visuals

  • Flow state rituals

  • Business routines and systems 

  • Consciously access inspiration

Client 1

Services: Clients